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Revitalized Retreats Featuring Aston at Papakea Resort

Full Condo Remodels

A Brief Overview

Homeowners at the Aston at Papekea Resort are opting for villa remodeling to boost rental rates and occupancy throughout the year, aiming to increase revenue and maximize return on investment. With the original construction dating back to the 70s, the need to update and modernize is evident, ensuring the condos remain relevant and appealing in today’s market.ย 

Additionally, the remodeling trend is fueled by a desire to enhance property valuation, resale potential, and overall livability, creating a strategic approach to maintaining the condos’ attractiveness and competitiveness in the real estate market.


Average Timeline

Average Budget

The budget for villa remodels at the Aston at Papekea varies based on the scope of renovations, ranging from $30,000 to $200,000.ย 

Homeowners typically allocate around $50,000 for a comprehensive kitchen remodel, while larger 1 bedroom/1 bathroom renovations may extend upwards of $200,000, reflecting the diverse investment levels in enhancing their living spaces.

The lobby or reception area at aloha hawaii.

The Challenge

Homeowners in Papakea face a significant challenge with the wear and tear of their condos, particularly those utilized for short-term rentals. Many homeowners embark on condo refreshes, including projects like fresh paint or smaller yet impactful renovations in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.ย 

The motivation behind these efforts is rooted in the desire to keep their condos up to date and appealing to vacation renters. By ensuring their living spaces are well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing, homeowners aim to attract vacationers who seek the comfort and quality of refreshed and modernized accommodation during their stay.

Our 3-Phase Process

Embarking on a villa remodeling journey with Coastal View Construction involves an immersive and client-centric process beginning with a detailed design phase. Collaboratively conceptualizing the vision with homeowners, the team prioritizes safeguarding belongings, minimizing dust exposure during subsequent phases. Coastal View Construction skillfully brings the envisioned design to life. Homeowners enjoy a refreshed and modernized space that aligns seamlessly with their preferences, underscoring the company’s commitment to the functionality and aesthetics of the remodeled villas.



In the design phase with Coastal View Construction, we dive into the homeowner’s vision, creating a detailed scope of work that outlines the practical steps to bring it to life. We offer various options for kitchens and bathrooms, providing insights into material choices that balance aesthetics and durability for rental situations.ย 

Our renderings serve as practical tools for more extensive remodels, allowing clients to visualize and tweak the design until it perfectly aligns with their preferences. This collaborative approach ensures that the design phase is a thoughtful and efficient process, translating aspirations into tangible plans.

A blueprint of a condo with a floor plan.
A floor plan of a living room and bedroom.
A kitchen with white counter tops and white cabinets.
A bathroom with a marble counter top.



During construction with Coastal View Construction, we smoothly handle AOAO (Apartment of Apartment Owners) requirements and insurance complexities, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for homeowners. We strictly follow AOAO guidelines, including noise restrictions and designated work hours.

Our transparent process involves regular progress updates with vivid pictures, keeping clients engaged as their vision becomes reality. This collaborative approach ensures compliance with regulations and keeps clients excited about their dream space coming to life.



Following a transformative remodel with Coastal View Construction, your Papakea condo becomes an irresistible rental hotspot, boasting enhanced property value and lucrative resale potential.ย 

This revamped haven not only elevates your day-to-day living but also invites travelers to indulge in a luxurious Hawaiian escape, where every detail speaks of comfort and style.

A living room with couches and a fireplace.
A bathroom with a sink and mirror.

The Solution

Enter into the legacy of your Coastal View Construction remodeled villa. Your pragmatic choices orchestrated a seamless blend of coastal luxury and modern comfort.

Meticulous craftsmanship has turned your space into a functional haven, embodying both style and practicality. From sleek designs to premium finishes, every detail reflects your discerning taste.ย 

Coastal View Construction, working in tandem with your direction, has crafted a narrative of sophistication and functionality within the remodeled villa.

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We strive to provide you with an exceptional experience! Read our reviewsย 
and discover what past clients say about collaborating with us.
Carol W.
Read More
It went great. Eric was a pleasure to work with. It was finished on time and Eric did a great job. It is beautiful now. He was able to give me the best condo ever. He has great ideas and is meticulous about his work. He keeps an eye on expenses. I would trust him any time. If I ever need anything I know he can do it and do it well.
Linda D.
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Eric did a wonderful job. He helped us with design ideas, gave us an accurate estimate and did very high quality work. He always kept a clean work site, which made life a lot easier during the remodeling. He also helped us find the best vendors for the materials.
Myron A.
Read More
Eric did an amazing job. He started on time and finished when promised even though we kept adding on additional items. I only wish he was in the Sacramento area to remodel our home.
Richard M.
Read More
Eric was very professional, gave an acceptable estimate, and performed work on time and under budget. He arrived on time, and cleaned up after each work day.

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